Blazers and jackets are perfect for hijabis who seek effortless style. They can add full-on coverage for those days when you’re running errands and don’t want to figure out ‘what to wear’. They can also add a pop of color, print, or texture to basic black abayas and maxi skirts. Check out the blazers above to see what I’ve been window shopping for lately. Which one is your favorite?

[1] Click to view these blazers in the “Blazers” section at SB.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about learning how to sew maxi skirts. I think they’d be pretty easy to make–if I could only figure out how to sew in a straight line (hehe). Since maxi skirts are on my mind, I decided to make a quick post featuring some fancy maxi skirts that would transition perfectly from the winter to spring/summer seasons. Right now, you can wear them with blazers and boots. In the summer time, wear them with casual long-sleeve tees and lightweight wrap cardigans. And of course, top off the look with a pretty hijab. Check out more lovely skirts below.

[1] Click to view these skirts in the “Clothing” section at SB.

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Hijab Style Finds

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Today’s Hijab Style Find is a pretty pink long-sleeve maxi dress by Gracia. It’s on sale at ideeli for just $25!! Size medium is almost sold out so check it out below… and as always, let me know what you think of it.

[1] Pleated Long Sleeve Dress by Gracia, $25.

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Hijabs Du Jour

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For my last post of the year, I thought I’d feature a few lovely scarves that I’ve been eyeing this season. Enjoy & Happy New Year!

[1] Click to view these scarves in the “Accessories” section at SB.

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Snakeskin is such a sleek and sophisticated print; and it’s one of my favorite prints to wear — especially when it’s done in shades of gray. In today’s post, I just want to show you some hijab-friendly snake print pieces from my favorite place to window-shop — Shopbop.com.

Check out the links below to get a closer look at the hijabs, coat, and long sleeve maxi dress featured above, and to see more snake print clothing and accessories… But before you go, tell us, what’s your favorite print to wear?

[1] Click to view more snake-print clothing at SB.

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One of the common questions that Muslim women ask me is “What type of necklaces look good with hijab?” If you’re struggling to figure out how to accessorize your hijab style, or if you just want a unique look, you’ll be happy to know about Lubna Salah and House of Shakti.

Lubna is an amazing jewelry designer out of Beverly Hills, California. She created a gorgeous amethyst bead (tasbeeh) bracelet for me a few months ago, and she has just launched another item that would be great for Muslimahs: The Scarf Necklace.

The Scarf Necklace combines cotton fabric with strands of gemstones to create a circular scarf that takes the guesswork out of accessorizing your hijab. Check out the link below to see more Scarf Necklaces and to see pics of how to wear them… And when you’re done, come back here and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

[1] Scarf Necklace, $89+.

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Salaam ladies! Today I want to share with you a really great hijab style find that I discovered tonight on ideeli. It’s a long-sleeved convertible maxi dress by Ravon.

This is actually a plus-size dress but I would recommend that women who are NOT plus-size pick it up. Why? Well, you can see from the pic that it’s a form-fitting dress–which is a hijab style no-no. But, if you are smaller than the size of the dress, it will fit you nice and loosely… That’s why I’m buying one. It’s only $59 and I’m sure that I’ll be wearing it A LOT.

This winter, I plan to pair it with sleek boots and a fur vest, my fave black blazer, a denim jacket… the options are endless! To me this is the perfect LBD, long black dress… This will definitely be $59 well spent. Click here to check it out (it’s in the Plus Size Chic section) and then leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Salaam & Salaam!

[1] Plus Vicki Long Sleeve Convertible Dress by Ravon, $59.

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From golden bangles to chunky chains and cocktail rings, there’s nothing like a great piece of jewelry to finish off an outfit. When it comes to hijab style, earrings are typically out of the question, so I’ve always focused on bracelets and rings when shopping for accessories. For a long time, I didn’t really consider necklaces as hijab-friendly items because my hijabs always covered them up. But luckily, extra-long necklaces are trendy right now and it’s easy to find necklaces that are long and substantial enough to be worn with hijab.

Check out some of my jewelry picks from Shopbop.com (yes, I’m still mildly obsessed with that site!). And tell me, are you an accessory fiend or is your hijab your only must-have accessory?

[1] Click for more SB accessories.

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Hijab Style By Request

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HijabiLadi” left a comment the other day asking me to recommend a few ShopBop items that are under $100 and hijab-friendly. So, here’s a quick post for her.

The first piece that I chose is a striped shirtdress that currently costs $49.50. This top can be worn open over a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look. Or, you could wear it with slacks and loafer pumps to the office.

The second item that I chose is a tropical pink maxi dress. This particular dress has side slits and deep plunging lines at the top, so normally I’d say that this one is a hijab no-no. However, I think it would actually be quite stylish to have a pair of wide leg pants peeking out through the side slits; and a long-sleeved tee would cover up the plunging neckline very well. This dress is priced at $93.

The third item that I chose is a convertible skirt/dress. I think this piece is cool because it can function as a must-have maxi skirt on one day of the week. And then on another day, it can be worn as a top with pants and a blazer. This one is on sale right now for $82.60.

The last piece that I am suggesting is a tiered maxi dress which costs $68.60. I’ve seen many tiered maxi dresses that overdo the “tiered effect”, so I like that this one has only a few tiers. As you can see, this dress fits close to the body at the top. So rather than layering it over a long-sleeved tee, I’d recommend wearing it under a thin cardigan for better coverage.

I hope this post has been helpful to you ladies, and I’ll be making more cheap chic posts very soon, inshaAllah.

[1] Striped Shirtdress by T-Bags. [2] Robin Long Dress by Indah. [3] Cross My Heart Convertible Skirt/Dress by Free People. [4] Beach Long Dress by Free People.

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