Global Pink Hijab Day

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This year’s Global Pink Hijab Day event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, 2009. As you may know, the purpose of the event is to support Breast Cancer Awareness month by having Muslim women wear pink hijabs for one day. This campaign is especially important to me this year because one of my loved-ones was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer this past summer and I really want to show my support – hence We Love Hijab’s new pink theme.

Here is the mission statement as listed on Global Pink Hijab Day’s official website(

Pink Hijab Day is intended to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women, as well as raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. All over the world, Muslims participated by wearing pink hijabs, pink ribbons, and donating to breast cancer foundations.

I want to thank everyone who participated in previous years. We hope this project will grow stronger every year. The event takes place the last Wednesday of every October. This year’s event is scheduled for October 28, 2009.

There are other ways that you can show your support of Pink Hijab Day if you don’t like wearing bright pink…

[1] You can wear a pink ribbon (either a real pin or just tie a ribbon around your wrist);
[2] You can wear a dark pink hijab if you don’t like the bright pink color that is used for most Breast Cancer Awareness logos;
[3] You can donate a dollar or two to your local Breast Cancer Awareness organization: Susan G. Komen (US), Breast Cancer Care (UK), Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (Egypt), Zahra Breast Cancer Association (Saudi Arabia), and ThinkPink (Qatar)

Most of all, we should educate ourselves about the risks of breast cancer, how to prevent it, and alternative ways of treating it (if you or someone you know has/had breast cancer). Unfortunately, it will probably touch all of us in one way or another and the best defense against it is education, which starts with awareness, so please support Pink Hijab Day by wearing pink hijabs (or something) on October 28th; and support breast cancer awareness all year-round.

PSA is over now. :-)
xox Kima

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I just set a reminder in my phone and I will be rockin’ my pick hijab on the 28th!



Inshallah I will wear pink hijab .



i will wear my pink hijab and i will tell all neibours to wear something pink also inshaallah.



i’ll also wear though i dont think any1 will notice it in here …i liv in Burma



I’m totally gonna be wearing a pink hijab! And hey, cool, it’s me. :)



Masha’Allah the whole staff of IMAN ACADEMY SW in Houston Texas will be rocking pink hijabs on that day insha’Allah!



Nice initiative ladies, great ideas and good luck. Couldn’t find any recent events for you?